Samples of the large number of testimonials for my Home Teaching Programme

My wife and I have been delighted with Robyn’s methods and results. Robyn has not only an extraordinary patience with children, but a rare ability to actually give children a love of learning. I cannot speak more highly of Robyn and would thoroughly recommend her to any parent who values not only their child’s education but also their self esteem.

R. J., Sydney, Australia.

Robyn has provided tuition and coaching for our daughter. In this time our daughter has grown from being a little girl who lacked self confidence, and was below her age group in reading, to someone who is now in two theatre groups and has just received a glowing report from her school on her reading and performance in general. We are certain that without Robyn’s endeavours our daughter would not be as developed at this stage in her growth.

We would recommend Robyn as being a proven expert in teaching children in a
broad range of subjects and indeed have done so already with many people.

N and B. M., Ely, UK

A remarkable story is the head start Rob’s reading system gave my daughter who was three at the time I first meet Rob. My daughter had not started to learn to read and Rob taught her to read purely by her phonics method. Within a matter of weeks she knew all the phonic sounds and Rob made the whole process of learning fun. This head start meant that my daughter has always had a reading age well above her years. As a teenager she still devours books reflecting the great love of reading that Rob instilled in her from an early age. With Rob’s help she has never had to struggle with the “look and learn” system as my son did. In secondary school she continues to excel in all subjects with her passion for reading being the greatest gift given to her by an inspirational teacher.

M.H. Saffron Walden, UK